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If you have even a little bit of space outside of your home your dreams of additional space inside of it and an elegant terrace in the garden, where you can organise a BBQ with your friends and family, can be turned into reality.

With Royal house extension team, quality and elegant house extensions in London are available to virtually everyone. So far we have completed construction projects designed in modern style, where glass and metal are the most prominent, or in traditional version, with extensive use of wood, stone or bricks. Our belief is that every idea can be realised and every building can be extended as long as there is enough free space outside. At the same time we make sure that the house extensions we create harmoniously combine with existing structure and its surroundings. Plan the additional space inside your home with Royal Loft extensions from London! Check out the Cobham page

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Popular Questions

A : It might come as a surprise for you but the good news is that about 90% of traditional houses can be converted. The first step is a survey in situ carried by our professional team.

A: We can offer you a professional, fully detailed and free of charge loft conversion quote carrying a survey of your house. Get in touch – it costs nothing!

Extensive options: 5 different types of home extension to explore

Rear Extensions

As the name implies, a rear extension is placed at the back of your property, extending onto the current garden or patio area. They’re typically used to create larger open plan living spaces and blend the indoor/outdoor space. A small one can usually be done without planning permission which saves some time and hassle. Smaller rear extensions typically take 3-4 months but if you’re looking for something really big then allow six months.

Wrap Around Extension

Wrap around extensions combine a side return and rear extension, moving the outer walls in two directions. They’re great for extending your living space dramatically and really suit family living, creating huge open plan spaces where you can get a decent sized kitchen, dining area and seating space all in the same “room”. With so much extra space, you can also do a more thorough job of blending indoors and outdoors, using bifold doors and rooflights to create a blend and flow between garden and home. Costs for these extensions vary quite a bit as the size of the total extension can be quite different.

Double Storey Extensions

Double storey extensions mean that you’d take one of the three shapes described above, rear, side return or wrap around and extend over two floors as opposed to one. The advantage of this is that you get double the space but not double the cost. Typically a double storey extension only costs 50% more than a single storey one. This is because all the costs of foundations etc. are tied into the lower floor and creating an additional floor above is less work overall. Most double storey extensions will need planning permission, so that’s something to consider when planning your home.


Dormer Extensions

What’s in your attic? Junk? Cobwebs? If so, then a dormer extension may be a great option. A dormer extension removes the pitch of the roof and creates a flat roof in line with the top of the current pitch, so you get a squared off box space that is ideal for creating things like master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, or additional space for kids bedrooms. They rarely need planning permission and are very affordable compared with a lot of extension work. They’d typically take 2-3 months to complete, so it’s worth bearing in mind that if you currently sleep in the room to be extended you’ll need somewhere else to hit the snooze button whilst this happens.

Side Return Extension

Have you got an alleyway or path down the side of your house? Many period properties do and they’re typically home to bins and garden bits and bobs, adding little value to the overall living experience. For this reason, side return extensions are very popular as a way of extending your home. The extension itself is typically quite small in terms of how far out it comes, but runs the length of the room, so it can have a transformative effect on your interior without the need for planning permission. Lost windows in the wall can be replaced with rooflights above, which will actually let in much more daylight than a window facing onto a fence or wall.