Richmond Lofts

Royal Lofts are the specialists you need when it comes to getting your loft converted in Richmond, we offer a high quality standard of work that is built to your specific needs and requirements.
Our team of our in house designers offer a bespoke design and feel to your loft conversion to ensure we have all aspects in the loft conversion that is needed. We can bring your loft from a dead space to open it out for any purpose whether you need it for office space, area space, bedroom or storage.
As a loft conversions specialist in Richmond we are able to start a project and finish it on average in 6 weeks, giving you minimal disruption to your home and we can focus on getting the job done.

Here at Royal Lofts we ensure that all our loft conversions are designed directly around you and your requirements for the loft conversions, we are experienced in all aspects from design and build to the finishing touches of the loft conversions. With our experience in the industry we are able to provide you with our expert advice with layout and design of the loft conversions to give you the best space possible. As a specialist loft conversions company in Richmond we can work efficiently and effectively from start to finish of the loft conversions to complete work in minimal time and disruption to the home.

If your thinking of moving home as you have out grown the space then think of Royal Lofts and Extensions today, we may be able to providing you with a cheaper and hassle free way of gaining extra space or bedroom. Call the team today they will be able to assist you further and provide you with more information regarding the services we offer.